Healthcare Learning Management, Made Personal.

Using its data engine, Innovus360, Vdio identifies those among your population who have – or are at risk for – one or more chronic conditions. For each individual, Vdio customizes a set of self-care focused videos selected from the Wellness Network’s award-winning library. Each condition has its own set of classes, or course, and each person might have a different combination of courses. For people with multiple conditions, Vdio organizes the sequence in a logical way to create a personalized curriculum for each person.

Individualized, One-on-One Engagement.

Using secure, confidential emails, Vdio invites each potential participant to enroll in the specific sequence of classes designed around his or her particular needs. When they enroll, they are rewarded with a choice of gifts from a catalog of quality items. For those who don’t enroll, Vdio continues to send periodic invitations unless they opt out. Emails do not reveal personal health information. People with no chronic conditions are invited to take classes on staying healthy.

Vdio Meets People Wherever They Are.

With anytime, anywhere, any device access, participants can watch their 3 to 5 minute video classes on their phones, tablets or laptops, when and where it suits them. Maybe on a coffee break at work or while relaxing at home. They can choose English or Spanish, closed caption options, and can download and print transcripts. At the end of each class, Vdio tests their comprehension with a four-question quiz, and gives them real-time feedback. If they get one answer wrong, they are immediately given the right answer. If they miss two, they are prompted to watch the video again. 

Educated Patients, Improved Outcomes, Lower Costs.

Much more than patient education, Vdio builds the skills and confidence people need to manage their own conditions. Providers and employers can benefit from Vdio’s learning management system, taking a big step toward value-based care and population health management.